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For couples planning a WEDDING, one of the biggest priorities is to make the day as special and unique as possible. One of the best ways to achieve that aim is to make your WEDDING CAR HIRE a little more unusual than the standard fare. By doing away with traditional options, brides and grooms can leave a lasting impression on their nuptials and turn plenty of heads on the journey in between the church and the reception venue. SilverStar Chauffeurs believe in delivering exceptional service and ensuring your arrival at the ceremony is in the graceful and relaxing manner. We know how important it is that everything is perfect for your special day and that no two weddings have the same requirements, so we work with you to tailor our package to your exact needs. Our attention to detail, many years of experience and outstanding customer service has allowed us to become expert in the planning and provision of Wedding Cars. There’s a lot to think about on your wedding day, and what you want to focus on is your loved one and the bond you are about to create together. When you have a wedding limo ready and waiting to take you to the venue, you can relax. Enjoy the comfort of one of our luxurious Wedding Chauffeur Car without having to worry about leaving and arriving on time, finding the venue, navigating traffic and all the other headaches that come with driving yourself. Nothing is more stressful than getting to the wedding venue and realizing that an important member of the party has not arrived. Did they get caught in traffic? Get lost? Oversleep? When you bring the whole party with you in the limo, you know everyone has arrived on time and is ready to go. You can even go over everyone’s responsibilities on the way over to make sure everything is set. Choose from one of our most popular Luxury Mercedes E Class, S Class , BMW7 series Or BMW5, AUDI A6 , Audi A8, Chrysler, Jaguar and many more. Wedding car hire, Limo Hire, Chauffeur Car Hire, Wedding Transport. Service Area Yarra Valley, Coldstream, Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Redhill, Geelong. Book online or call us for a free quote.